The Film Series

Metalier’s flexible metal coatings (The Film Series) were developed as a result of a direct request from within the film industry. Costume and prop designers have always had difficulty finding a metal coating that was shiny, durable, labour-saving and flexible. The solution to this problem was akin to finding the Holy Grail for the film industry.

Well, we found it! And not only that, it is in a water-based formula. Metalier flexible metal coatings mean…

Latex ‘armour’ can be metalled and finished in a much shorter time than before.

Because our metal film coating is flexible it can stand the rigours of the battlefield or outer space and cope with the abuse of stuntmen and women.

Metalier’s flexible metal coatings can be applied to…


In fact, they can be applied to almost any surface – giving set, prop and costume designers almost unlimited, speedy and cost-effective solutions.

The ingredients for Metalier’s flexible metal coatings are…

The highest quality sintered metal powders
A special flexible proprietary binder
Sometimes a little water

These ingredients are mixed together and sprayed using compressed air and HVLP guns.

After curing, which can take approximately two hours, the hardened metal surface is polished, patinated or waxed depending on the finish required.

We have developed an optimal finishing system using small hand-sanders with interface pads and Scotch-Brite which is particularly useful for the flexible coatings. Full information relating to the system we have developed is available free of charge to all purchasers of Metalier flexible metal coatings.

Our system ensures you get the highest shine in the shortest time with the least effort. What could be better than that?

Material Safety Data Sheets are available for most of the ingredients in the Metalier flexible metal coatings mixture including the metal powders. We don’t have an MSDS for the water! Please Contact Us for a copy of some or all of the MSDS.