Metal Sealer protection

Metalier’s Metal Sealer is the answer to the question vexing us since we first developed our metal coatings – how could we seal our metals and prevent oxidizing without destroying the beauty of the metal and without the yellowing effects of polyurethane.

The answer is Metalier’s Metal Sealer which is available in gloss, satin and matt formulations.

Metalier’s Metal Sealer is 21st century technology at its most spectacular. It is nano-based but more importantly Metalier Metal Sealer bonds covalently with the metal surface to become one at a molecular level with the substrate. It has tested harder than granite but not quite as hard as diamonds. It is an extremely durable coating but has less than 100g/Litre VOCs so it’s ecologically smart.

Not only is Metalier’s Metal Sealer an excellent sealer and top-coat for Metalier metals, it is a stand-alone coating in its own right for the protection of all metal surfaces for up to 5 years.