Water-based coatings

In addition to our solvent-based coatings, Metalier’s water-based metal coatings are new, revolutionary and unique. Using a water-based binder instead of our traditional solvent-based binder has changed the face of the composite metals industry and is AVAILABLE ONLY from Metalier.

The benefits of our water-based finishes are many. The product has no unpleasant smell. Cures in two hours rather than 24, so in situ applications are more feasible. And as VOC levels of the principal ingredients total less than 5 gm per litre, the water-based technology is environmentally friendly too.

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Solvent-based coatings are recommended for horizontal surfaces which are going to get rough treatment such as the tops and sides of bars, bench tops and kitchen serveries when tough and hard is required but other than this the benefits of our water-based coating really do merit your attention:-

- The finish dries in hours, not days.
- Polishing times are less so projects are completed quicker with less labour cost.
- Because of the speed of finishing, fewer other dry consumables such as sandpaper and discs are used so the applicator saves money.
- The water-based binder has a longer shelf-life.
- It isn’t hazardous so carriage is easier and cheaper.
- The “no-smell” is bliss for the applicator.
- Metalier’s water-based metal coatings can be applied to almost any surface.
- Fewer ingredients to mix so there is less chance of costly errors.
- No acetone, gun-cleaner, thinner or catalyst used so it is quicker and easier to make up a mixture and there is a significant saving in the cost of liquid consumables.

The ingredients for our smooth-surface or light-textured versions are:

- The highest quality sintered metal powders
- A proprietary binder
- Sometimes a little water.

These ingredients are mixed together and sprayed using compressed air and HVLP guns for a smooth finish. For a light texture the mixture can be applied with brushes or rollers or sprayed and then attacked with a toothbrush or a fork. We have tried everything!

After curing, which will take approximately two hours, the hardened metal surface is polished, patinated or waxed depending on the finish required.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available for most of the ingredients in the water-based mixture including the metal powders. We don’t have an MSDS for the water! Please contact us for a copies of our MSDSs.