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MSDS are available for the following products:

Metalier solvent-based binder
Water-based binder
Flexible binder
All metals

Testing Reports are available for Metalier solvent-based metal coatings and will shortly be available for Metalier water-based metal coatings and Metalier flexible metal coatings (The Film Series). Also available is an Environmental Statement about Metalier metal coatings. Please contact us for copies of any of this data.

In addition to the other information on this website, we hope you’ll find these FAQs of help.

Are Metalier metal coatings metal paint?

No, they are not a metal paint. They are a cold sprayable metallising process, comprising up to 95% pure metal when finished. Metalier metal coatings are an alternative to chrome plating, foundry metal, metallic paint finishes, plating, vacuum metallising, and other metallising processes.

Are Metalier metal coatings metal plating?

No, metal plating is an electro-chemical process. Metalier metal coatings are a cold spray metallisation process that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. These include but are not limited to laminates, melamine, wood, plastic, gypsum,
fibreglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain,
glass, metal

Are Metalier metal coatings powder coating?

No. Powder coating is baked on. Metalier metal coatings do not involve heat and can be sprayed on, rolled on, hand applied or poured on. They may also be cast. Because this is a cold application process there is no heat impact or heat distortion of the substrate.

Can Metalier metal coatings be used outdoors?

Metalier solvent-based metal coatings are particularly suitable for outdoor use when the proper substrate is used and the coating correctly applied. Both Metalier solvent-based and water-based metal coatings are extremely durable and are expected to last indoors and outdoors for up to 25 years.

How many coats are needed?

For some applications only one coat of Metalier metal coatings is required, although Metalier metal coatings can be used as its own primer (for example, when the substrate is porous). A second coat is always required with a textured finish to give a good bond, and with a high polish finish to enable the product to have maximum visual depth. Where a second coat is required the undercoat need only contain a minimum quantity of metal so costs are kept low.

Is there any substrate that Metalier metal coatings cannot be applied to?

The only substances known are waxes, silicone, unsealed Styrofoam, Teflon and some epoxies – and people!

Are Metalier metal coatings flexible?

Metalier flexible metal coatings (The Film Series) is unique to Metalier and has been specially created for the film industry, which requires shiny flexible metal coatings. Metalier flexible metal coatings are so flexible that they can be applied to cloth, leather, latex and paper, amongst other materials. It’s perfect for all sorts of film props.

Do Metalier metal coatings conduct electricity?

No, Metalier metal coatings do not conduct electricity and are non-galvanic.

Other questions not covered here? Please contact us and we will be pleased to answer them for you.